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一般將來式 (Simple Future Tense)


什麼一般將來式(Simple Future Tense)?


一般將來式(Simple Future Tense是用於描述未來會發生的事件,或預測未來可能會發生的事件。


I will go on a trip during the upcoming holiday.



It will rain tomorrow. (明天將會下雨。)


一般將來式(Simple Future Tense)的句型是怎樣的?


1.  基本句型

在一般將來式(Simple Future Tense)中,用於單數及眾數主語的句式是一樣的。

主語 + will + 動詞(基本形式)

-        I will go out for a job interview tomorrow.


-        They will have a football match next week, that is why they are increasing the training time this week.



2.  否定句

主語 + will not/won’t + 動詞(基本形式)

-        You will not be able to leave if you don’t finish your job.


-        She won’t arrive on time as she missed the bus.



3.  Asking a question

Will + 主語 + 動詞(基本形式)

-        Will you be able to make it on time tomorrow?


-        Will you take classes during summer holidays? I am finding a person to go with me.



4.  被動式

一般將來式(Simple Future Tense可以以被動式表達。

主語 + will/will not + be + 動詞(基本形式)

-        Public places like cinemas and game centers will not be reopened until the pandemic has slowed down.


-        Food will be served to you soon, please wait for it patiently.



“Will” “going to” 的分別在哪?



Going to


-        I will have McDonalds for dinner tomorrow.




-        I am going to buy some groceries at the supermarket with my mum in the afternoon.



-        I think she will fail her test.



-        She didn’t do any revision before the test, she is going to fail.



-        The sun will rise tomorrow.



-        Come here! The match is going to start soon!



如何使用一般將來式(Simple Future Tense)?






News broadcast(新聞)

08:00 p.m.

Drama “Love at First Sight”(劇集「一見鍾情」)

09:00 p.m.

“Cooking Mother”(「煮食媽媽」)

10:30 p.m.

“Horror World”(「恐怖世界」)

11:30 p.m.

News Broadcast(新聞)


Jenny 和她的家人正在一起看電視。


Jenny: I am so bored! When will the drama “Love at First Sight” start?



Dad: Jenny, you need to watch the news in order to keep up! The drama will start at 8 o’clock, so be patient.



Mum: Daddy is right, you will get to know our society and the world better by watching the news. Speaking of which, today’s “Cooking Mother” will be broadcasted at 9 o’clock, will you watch it with me, Jenny?



Jenny: Of course, mommy! Oh, but I will not watch the “Horror World” for sure, I am still getting nightmares from the previous episode.



Dad: Jenny, don’t be a coward! We will definitely watch it, it’s so interesting!



Mum: Stop teasing Jenny, she will have to sleep at that time as well, she has classes tomorrow.



Jenny: Haha, seems like you will have to watch it by yourself, daddy.


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